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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pamper Me Basket

Need a gift idea for someone you love?
I made the cutest pamper me basket for my granma's 80th birthday party, but it would be perfect for a student going off to college as well.
 Product Image
This is the * caddy * I purchased at Target.

Here are some item ideas you may want to include:
  • shower caddy *
  • back scrubber *
  • bath salt *
  • bubble bath *
  • shower gel *
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • homemade body scrub - link to a recipe I use
  • rice pillow- how to directions for making your own rice pillow
  • gel eye mask
  • sleep mask
  • matching lip and nail color *
  • floral hair clips- * I used infant clips since my granma's hair is thinning.  The infant clips were cuter than the adult one in all reality.
  • throw blanket *
  • book to read or favorite magazine
  • several different flavors of tea *
  • tea mug- * This tea mug comes in a Vera Bradley print.  It has a lid to keep the contents warm and a little hole for the tea bag string to hang out of.
  • single serving coffee brewing mug- For $6 and a microwave, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee in 3 minutes.  I started using this in my classroom and considering how simplistic the entire system is the coffee is pretty good.
  • handmade card *
  • gift card
I am sure there are tons of items that could be included, but I think I gave you a good place to start. I made sure that I had a different item for each pocket of the caddy.  That way there was a little prize awaiting with each peek into the basket. 

Have fun creating your own Pamper Me Basket for someone you love.

Just an FYI: The bold faced items are items I actually purchased.  The starred items are items I have included in my kit, but I have only linked to a similar item and not the exact item I used. 

The total basket cost was around $50. 

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