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Waldorf and Homeschooling

There are many great places to go for inspiration when trying to educate your children. Waldorf is just one philosophy that is wide spread. With the popularity of home schooling on the rise, the increase in very, informative mom blogs has also increased.

Be sure to check out the Nature Families page to view nature loving mom blogs.

Below you will find several sites and blogs to help you on your search for fantastic lessons and ideas... a few on the philosophies of Steiner as well.
BEarth Institute

Book List for a Waldorf Kindergarten

Canadian Home Learning

Cheap Homeschooling

Homeschooling - freebie of the day


Little Acorn Learning

Love to Know: Waldorf Education

Open Waldorf

Silver Penny

Starry Sheep: Waldorf Doll Making

Steiner Books

Steiner Homeschool: great book for anyone interested in natural learning environment at home

Waldorf Connection

Waldorf Home Educators

Waldorf Home Schooling Association

Waldorf Supplies Parents Group

Wier Crafts


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