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On the road to simplicity, the idea of unplugging or reducing the amount of screen time in the home will inevitably come up.  In the beginning, it is very hard to figure out what to do with all the new found time and freedom.

Try to remember though that it is not your job as a parent to provide constant ideas and engagement for your children.  A bit of boredom can go a long way in fostering natural creativity.  With very few supplies, your kiddos can plan an afternoon of natural chaos and happiness. 

A great example of this wonderful, chaotic fun would have to be the fort.  Remember back to your childhood.  Did you every gather a stack of blankets and sheets with the intent of making a cozy, haven within your home?  Contemplating how to get the blankets to stay on top of bar stools and tucked around sofa cushions became an engaging challenge.  You became more creative as time passed trying out various items to secure the blankets and finish your dwelling. 

Simplicity at its finest.

Having said all this, I do realize there will be days when you would like to have some quality family time.  Time you set aside for making memories with your children and growing the bond between each of you even stronger.

I have found several sites that provide wonderful ideas for some family fun... both inside your home and out in nature.  Several sites provide additional information on taking tv out of your home as well.
Hope this gives you a jumping off point for reducing and/or unplugging your family.  The time gained with your loved ones is well worth the effort.


*All remedies mentioned on Natural Simplicity have been found on the web or in books as I learn to heal my family in a more natural manner.

* Always remember to consult a health care professional before trying any form of alternative medicine.