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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Divine Intervention

It may not be divine intervention exactly, but I am at a loss for what else to call it.  We finally got our Dr. Fish in today.  These wonder fish have been used in spas for decades to give your feet a satiny, smooth appearance. 

Dr. Fish are bottom dwellers and will gently suck on your skin to feed.  Why do we need these little miracles at my house?  Well... if you are new to Natural Simplicity, then you have not met my youngest, Little J.  JJ has a rare skin disorder called lamellar ichthyosis.  Basically, his dead skin does not slough from his body.  If you leave it on long enough, it begins to decay.

Since he is no longer with the amazing woman that has watched him for his entire short life of 4 years, his skin condition is very noticeable.  The sitter was amazing... a blessing from above sent to my family.

She would sit with J for about 2 hours a day and peel the skin from his body... head to toe and in between.  Ichthyosis is not prejudice by any means.  It covers all the areas people can see as well as the areas hidden to the casual observer.

Since it has been left up to me to manage his skin care, I am ashamed to admit I have been a bit neglectful.  I just have a hard time forcing him to sit and have me physically peel the skin from his body. 

He cries and cries with me.  He says I don't do it right.  Ama (the sitter) knows how to do it better.  I want our time together to be filled with hugs, kisses and laughter.  Hence, the build up of skin.

Hopefully, I will be able to convince  JJ to begin to let these little fishies to work their magic on his legs, feet, arms, and hands.  I soaked my hand for about 5 minutes today.  I must say they do tickle at first.  It is a weird sensation to have 16 little guys sucking all over the exposed portion of your body.  I can't imagine the fear that would evoke for a young child, but I am praying that he will decide to give it a try.

That's my newest tale from the world of ichthyosis.  Hopefully, this story will have a happy ending.

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  2. Im checking out your blog and loving what i see. I love that you use natural stuff for healings and health! You're my type of girl! Love it! :)

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