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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skin Care and Ichthyosis

My little snowflake has lamellar ichthyosis.
Lamellar ichthyosis is a rare skin condition that does not allow your skin to slough naturally. It requires acid based lotions, moisturizers, emollients, and constant cleaning and removal of the skin. Summer time is generally the best time of year for Little J, but this summer has been the exception. At almost 4 years old, JJ has begun to show some independence and wants to care for his own skin. I have let him do so to some degree. Because of this, his skin has begun to thicken a bit more than usual. When he goes back to his sitter's, I know I'm gonna get it trouble. She always has him looking beautifully. She is very diligent with his skin care. I am to the point that I feel he needs to begin self care because when he goes to school that is what will be expected. Of course, I help and at times do not give him the choice. Below you will see 2 close up photos: one of his arm and one of his leg.

How to Remove Scalp Scale: This is a previous post that may interest you if your little one has ichthyosis.
How to Remove Dead Skin:
  • First, the skin needs to be very moist. you can remove scale right after a shower or after you have applied enough moisturizing cream/lotion to make the skin saturated.
  • Now, you will gentle left up the edge on any piece of skin that has a ruffled edge. By ruffled edge, I mean skin that is beginning to peel. If the skin is exceptionally thick, using a pair of tweezers will help tremendously.
  • Continue to gentle tug on the skin until it is completely removed.
  • If the skin is weeping (has a wet liquidity substance on it) or bleeding, gently wipe the are clean and apply an antibacterial ointment.
  • Work on one area at a time for as long as your child can stand it. Then, move on to another area. I usually try to only remove scale for about 10 minutes at a time. It appears to be very uncomfortable and at times painful.
Products That Work Well for Us:
  • NeoStrata's Problem Dry Skin: This product is a bit pricey. $30 for about 3.4 oz. I can use a jar in one sitting or a couple of days depending on where I am applying it and how much I am using. If you have used this product in the past and quit because of the funky odor, no worries. The product is almost odorless now. For us, this is the absolute, best product on the market for getting the skin to begin to shed on its own. We love it! Wait, I love it. Little J does not like it at all. It burns like the dickens when it is on raw skin. Do not apply it after a "picking". I actually picked a scab and applied it to find out what it feels like and it is not pleasant on the broken skin. Not at all.
Note: This is a great product for anyone with rough, dry patches on the body. It works fabulous on the feet. I always wipe my hands off on my heels instead of washing my hands after putting the stuff on J. Click the link to see before and after shots of someone with really nasty feet. the difference in just 3 weeks is amazing.
We probably use more products than this, but the above products are a great place to start.

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