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Friday, April 29, 2011

More From Monave...

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As I have mentioned before Monave is a wonderfully, eco-friendly company that provides the latest in skin care and beauty needs.  I have reviewed their lip glaze before and found the results to be amazing.

This time I was able to try out 3 different shades of vegan lipstick.  I have been wearing the lipstick now for about 2 weeks.  I believe the samples I am trying are matte finish. 

At first, I was afraid the product was going to be drying on my lips as the feel is similar to that of long wearing lipsticks.  However, I was please to discover how wrong I was.  Though the product is not as moisturizing as the lip glaze appeared, it does provide your lips with nourishing oils and butters.  You would think with all the emollients that you lips would be slick and the product wouldn't have staying power, but wrong again.

This product not only provides the nourishing effects of the natural oils and butters, but does not bleed or easily fade.  The colors are very natural looking as well.  I have found that I reach more often for my new Monave lipstick than I do my tried and true favorites. 

Monave is also the perfect place to look if you have a young girl just beginning to wear beauty products. With the natural shades and eco-friendly ingredients, the products are sure to enhance rather than over power a young girls beauty.

My overall option of Monave and the lipsticks I have tried are very favorable.  I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

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