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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Month of April

Where did the month of April go?  When everything is crazy, time flies by without you even noticing.

What have I been up to?

A little bit of everything...

 We got another new puppy.  This one is a shih tzu mix.  Jasper was in desperate need of a friend, but really... What was I thinking!?!  2 dogs under a year old.

I have lost almost 20 pounds since Christmas.  Part on the HCG diet and part on Weight Watchers.  I have gained a bit back this last week, so I need to buckle down and not undo all my hard work.  Size 12 is so much better than 14.  AND my 12s are loose.  Whoot-Whoot.

I had weaned myself off of anxiety meds, but alas had to go back on a new one.  I was off of meds for about 8 weeks.  The stress at work was a bit too much to handle... 22 5-6 year olds that are ready for summer, teachers being laid off left and right, friends that are moody.  It just sent me on overload.

I'm actually go back to the doctor today to check out the effects of the medication.  It makes me extremely sleepy and gives me a bit of the shakes.  Mentally though... I feel great.

My garden is growing daily... I am going to have to start trimming the vines back on some of the plants. I will create a whole new post just to show you the pictures.  I am very proud of our efforts considering we have never really taken on this large of an endeavor before.

Other than that life has been the same around here.  Lots of reading, family time, and gardening.

So, what have you been up to in my absence?  Any thing new and exciting?

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