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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unplugged and Well Worth It

For the last two months, I have been virtually unplugged.  Of course, not completely. But definitely more days that not.  The pay off is amazing.

I have planted a garden and got to harvest a multitude of veggies today for the first time... banana peppers, jalapenos, bell peppers, green beans, and a variety of herbs.  I am honestly shocked at how large our garden is and how well it is growing. 

I cannot grow flowers at all.  Even when they come already beautiful and blooming I somehow cause their demise.  Vegetable gardening though is a whole other ballgame.  I have never really put much effort into it as I didn't have the time... go figure... I was posting and surfing the web.

Putting forth just a little bit of effort has payed of immensely.  My family has been spending more time together outdoors.  We are eating foods we have grown from seed.  My boys are more engaged in the backyard and spend time exploring and marveling in the work we have done.

Amazing... just had to say it again.

We have also been spending more time reading.  I have read probably 20 or so books in the time I have been unplugged.  I have noticed T Man choosing to read more and this is an area in which he struggles continually.  Even Little J picks up a book to "read" just for fun.

Being unplugged has also given my boys time to be bored.  The gift of boredom allows for creativity to blossom and take root... more outdoor play, constructing and building, different playing with the same old toys, lots of drawing and coloring, & many more stories told and elaborated on.  Fascinating how a little boredom can lead to so much fun.

So, I have a slightly altered plan for my blog.  Not sure if I can be this organized or if I want to to. 

BUT...  Right now I am considering posting every other week. 

This would allow me to still write on the four blogs I had kept up with regularly... not all mine.  I would guest post on one blog and write on my personal blog.  Then, the following week I could post here and write a post for Simplicity Parenting if I want.

Seems logical if I can get it all to mesh together.  I plan to try this idea out in June.  In theory, it will work. 

By following the above schedule, I am hoping to continue to be unplugged more often.  I am also hoping it will give me the time needed to accomplish a few goals:
  • more quality family time
  • more time devoted to things of importance... real importance
  • more time outdoors
  • simplifying and decluttering my home... Seems I just cannot get it done.
  • organizing my kiddos... helping them to see the importance of neat and tidy... I am a mess.  I need to lead by example.
  • more home cooked meals and less eating out
  • finding some space in my yard to enchant my boys... locating a few nooks and crannies and making them inviting and kid friendly... balance beam, stumps to walk on, nature circle, fairy garden,etc.  We'll see if the hubby buys into this.  He likes the yard to be orderly not so much fun.
I guess that is about it.  Until next time my friends.  I will start regular posting again in June when school gets out.  At that time, I will let you know my schedule.

As always, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to read my blog.  I love hearing all your ideas and sharing my thought with you.

Blessings to you and yours.

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