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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Game Night

Ravensburger Enchanted Forest - Family Game

My family has had so much fun playing games lately.  We are considering inviting another family over to have a game night with us.  Snacks, good company and several board games going at once.  The kids are sure to love it.

Family Games cathedral - travel

Games to Try Out:
Wildcraft... Learn medicinal uses for herbs while working with your family to gather berries for Grandma to bake a pie.  cooperative game
Orges & Elves... Help the elves collect gems for the royal family.   cooperative game
Mancala... Move gems around the board and try to to collect more than your opponet.
Pentago... Move marbles around the a square.  Spin one square and try to make 5 in a row.  Great strategizing game.
Pentago... Move marbles around a square.  Spin one square and try to make 5 marbles in a row.  Great strategizing game.
Othello...  My boys love this game though I have yet to play.
Cathedral...  Place more buildings in the medieval city than your opponent to win.  Watch out because your opponent will try to block the land from your access.
Shut the Box... Roll the dice.  Add up the total.  Flip down tiles that equal the total.  Be the first to flip over all 12 tiles to win.

When it comes to purchasing games, I am a bit picker than I use to be.  I use to go with mass produced favorites like Candyland and Monopoly.  Though I still love these tried and true favorites, I have been having fun looking for more unique games to try.

I didn't think my boys would like cooperative games, but cooperative games have become a favorite at my house.  Cooperative games are when the players work together to win or lose as a team.  Working together toward a common goal has helped the boys to get along a bit better.  The aggressiveness that was present before has lessened tremendously.  We do still play competitive games though.  I think there is lot to be said for both winning and losing.  These are both important life skills.

Another thing I am quite fond of is games made from natural materials like wood.  If at all possible, I choose wooden games over plastic or paper/cardboard ones every time.  It is more earth friendly.  The quality is better and the texture of the game itself is so much more inviting.
ThinkFun Chocolate Fix

Games I'd Like to Try:

Handy... Balance balls between the hands of players.  Drop a ball and the hilarity begins.
Chocolate Fix... Sudoku on chocolate.
Knot So Fast... Tying knots and speed will let you when this game.  Perfect for the family boyscout or camper.
Pop Belly... Feed the pigs til they pop.
Walk the Dog... Collect dogs, but watch out for the dog catcher.
The Secret Door... Use clues to figure out 3 treasures behind the hidden door.  cooperative game
Enchanted Forest... Go on a treasure hunt through the land of fairies.  cooperative game
Castle Panic...  Defend your castle against monsters.  cooperative game

I can't wait for another holiday, birthday, etc so we can get one of the games above.  I must say Handy will probably be the next purchase as it is both cooperative and challenging.  I know I will hear tons of belly laughs when the balls start to drop and roll all over the place.
What are some over your favorite family games?
What is important to you when you purchase a game for your kids or family?

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  1. I am wanting to find a Risk game from the 1960s where the pieces are made from wood:) Thanks for the selection. I'm always looking for good games for the boys!


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