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Sunday, February 20, 2011

HCG Diet: Week 2

I have completed two weeks of the HCG Diet.

5 pounds lost during week one
4.5 pounds lost during week two
5 total pounds of body fat lost
8 inches total lost from various areas of my body

All I can say is WHOOOO-HOOOOO.

But, I have a small confession to make.  I cheated.  I did.  It was so sad.  I just had to have a mini butterfinger on Valentines Day.  Evil I tell you.  I gained .5 pound from one mini butterfinger.  Not worth it at all.

AND... Yep.  Not just once did I cheat my friends.  I got a message.  I fell the other day and my back is killing me.  I did not even think about all the oil they slather over your entire body.  Gained another .5 pound.

I went to my weekly meeting with my Naturopath and she was very disappointed.  Before I left, she made me promise not to cheat again.  Guess what?  I got in the car and called Chilis.  I ate a grilled chicken sandwich and a few fries.  Plus, I ordered chicken and green chili soup for Saturday.

I must admit that I did look over the menu and order something that was lower in calories.  The kids grilled chicken sandwich and fries is right under 400 calories.  Not bad really.

You might be asking yourself... Why?  Why would you knowingly sabotage something that is working so well?  Cravings. 

I am completely full on the HCG Diet.  Rarely hungry to be honest, but often dissatisfied.  Since I only like a limited number of the foods on the diet, I am eating almost the same thing daily.  After awhile, you get bored.

I can say will all finality that I can go forth now and not have this terrible craving.  I can go forth and conquer at least another 2 weeks.

I think sometimes you have to make a choice.  I have lost about 3 days of weight loss, but I have lost a decent amount of weight in the time I have invested.  Sometimes sacrificing the loss is worth the mental ability to keep up the plan.

So... This next week I will be completely on track.  I will lose more weight and get one week closer to my final goal.

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