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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Waste Free Lunch Boxes

The Klip It Lunch Cube is a steal at only $5.  I found mine at the Container Store this weekend.  I love that it comes in a variety of colors.  I bought 3.  I have each one packed and ready to go for the morning.  All I have to do is make the sandwiches.

Now, on to the positives to this cute little cube:
  • It is plastic which I am not thrilled with, but at least the plastic is BPA free. 
  • This container is also safe to be placed in the freezer, dishwasher (top rack) and microwave.
  • Don't forget the variety of colors helps to make sure each member of the family picks up the right lunch every day.

The Slimline Quaddie Lunch Box is also a great deal at only $10.  This item was also found at the Container Store.  It is a bit bigger than the Lunch Cube, so this time I only bought one.  I really wanted pink, but settled for lime green encase any of the boys needed a larger lunch one day.

Here are the pros to this bigger lunch box:
  • BPA free
  • microwave and dishwasher safe
  • holds more food (obviously)
  • has a small water bottle and storage spot
  • water bottle can be removed to allow for more food storage
  • each compartment has an individual lid
  • the bottom section is very large (It could hold a ton of salad.).
I think this would definitely be the better of the two choices if your kids are older.  I debated on getting T Man the larger one just because it seems he is always hungry lately.

Laptop Lunches: We have this fantastic lunch box and it is wonderful.  I love the little containers to separate all T Man's little goodies.  I like that one of the containers has a lid.  If I was to purchase it again, I would get the newer version that has one large and 2 small containers instead though.  It is hard to put a sandwich in the medium size compartment... $25 for the Bento 2.0

* I found a Bento 2.0 on sale for $19 here.

Shop Green Life:  Has two different lunch box systems for $30 a piece... the Go Green Lunch Box System is much like a Laptop Lunch Box except it does not have individual containers... the "laptop" has the containers built in

Yubo: what a fun way to pack a lunch...$30 for the entire lunch box system (lunchbox and containers)

*I love that you can change the face plate on the lunchbox as often as you would like.  You can also personalize the lunchbox as well as have a family photo as the face plate.  fun... fun... fun!

Goodbyn:  this all in one system seems perfect... pack an entire lunch without any additional containers to wash... comes with an 8.5 ounce drink container...$30

*Love that they have a containers for younger children to decorate as silly monsters, crazy characters, etc.  AND they have a container without the stickers and ears for those older kids that are just too cool for the fun.

Eco Lunch Boxes: these have got to be some of the cutest lunch sacks yet... little girls would love these... $50 gets the entire system... $35 gets just the sack and 3 matching napkins/placemats

Planet Box: stainless steel lunch tray with magnetic interchangeable designs... $15 for tray... $50 for tray and 2 food containers... $60 for a lunch bag, tray, and 2 food containers

*I like that you can change the magnetic design.  For $4, you can purchase an additional set of designs and use the same lunch box for both a boy and a girl.

Easy Lunch Boxes:  for under $15 you get 4 eco friendly plastic lunch containers... one large compartment and two smaller ones... for an additional $8 you can purchase a lunch bag

*The price is right on this lunch box system.  With 4 containers, you can have one in the wash and pack one of the leftovers or you can feed multiple kids.  The different colored lids makes differentiating between lunches a breeze.

Lunch Sense: big enough to hold a six pack of canned drinks...medium size lunch box...$40... contains: (1) 19 ounce food container, (2) 6 ounce containers, a 1 ounce container (great for dips), an 8 ounce drink bottle, an ice pack, and the carrying bag

*I love that the carrying bag actually unfolds to make the perfect place mat.  No more worrying about where your child will lay down the cheese stick while taking a drink.

Go Green in Stages: buy the pieces separately or as an entire lunch system... compac or full size...$60 for a compac square container lunch system

*Love the square stainless steel containers and the addition of a hot thermos.

Kids Konserve: Buy the entire lunch ensemble in one place... lunch bag, napkin, water bottle, containers, baggies, etc... $45

*Love that this is easy to open and close for the kidlets and it comes as a complete set.

Lunch Bots: stainless steel containers from $13- $17

Litter Free Lunch:  purchase stainless steel lunch bot containers, stainless steel water bottles, and more

*I love the napkins, but not the price.  You can get 12 white cloth napkins at Target for $10... a much better deal.

One Small Step: tons of reusable lunchware from various companies... sets made up of some of the best products on the market sold together to give you a entire waste free lunch experience

*This site has cloth napkins for the cheapest I have found anywhere... $6 for 6.

Reusable Bags: has tons of different manufacturers in one location

*One lunchbox system I found that was not previously listed and is reasonably priced happens to be the Light My Fire Meal Kit...$20

Klean Kanteen: stainless steel drink containers

Bento Lunch Boxes sold by amazon

Lunchville: different systems to choose from

*I loved that they had some eco-friendly choices for mom.  There are several really cool purse-like bags to choose from.  I think I will be adding one of these to my wish list.

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