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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Made Popsicle Perfection

Nature Mom always blogs about the coolest things.  With warm weather and summer right around the bend, I thought I would share some of her finds and my own that might make summer cooler that it already is.

I did not actually read teh ingredients in these molds, so you may want to do that before purchasing.  I mainly found plastic molds, but my thought is reusing molds for the family is more eco-friendly that purchasing popsicles with all the packaging.  Plus, homemade popsicles would seems to be a bit healthier as well.

Now, on to the list.

Orka Ice Pops

Tovolo Groovy Pop Molds

Ice Pop Molds

Chef Tools: Popsicle Molds

Little Bites Popsicle Molds

Volcanic Popsicle Molds

50+ Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Let me know if you find any other molds.  I am wanting to purchase enough to make about 10-15 popsicles at a time.  It gets WAY hot here in Texas!

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