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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Under the Sea Art

Our local Lakeshore (teacher store) has arts and crafts on Saturdays during the summer. This Saturday while I was spending the money from my grant JJ got to make this super cute jellyfish... you could probably call it an octopus as well and be fine.
1. Color a foam bowl with waxy crayons. Roseart would probably work great.
2. Poke a pipe cleaner through the sides of the paper plate and fold on the inside to make a handle.
3. Glue colored streamers under the bowl along the edge. These are the tentacles. We used the tacky craft glue on the entire project. It seemed to work pretty well. Note: If your child is a bit older, you can create a pattern with the streamers as we did in our picture.
4. Allow your child to squeeze the glue bottle and put dots on the streamers. You can use anything... torn paper, sequins, stickers, etc to decorate the streamers. Just press the item into the glue.
5. Add a face to the jellyfish by gluing on wiggly eyes and various other items for the remainder of the face. JJ wanted all the parts. The oval is the mouth. The little pink pom poms are the cheeks. He wanted a neck, but we just couldn't figure out a way to make the neck actually go up and down under the jellyfish. He was pretty bummed, but got over it once he saw the finished product.
Benefits of This Project:
  • fine motor skills (squeezing the glue bottle)
  • hand eye coordination (gluing on items and aligning items in the correct positions
  • correct pencil grip
  • science (we talked about body parts, colors, ocean animals and ocean life, what would happen if... (it had no tentacles, if it had legs and could walk, if it left the water, etc.)
  • math (patterning, counting, shape recognition and use of vocabulary, sorting items while we worked and cleaned up)
  • creativity and imagination (the design was completely up to Little J).

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