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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This morning the boys played outside for awhile. They were being so good I didn't disturb them in fear that would start a chain reaction of events that my not be to my liking.

Whoever said ... SILENCE IS GOLDEN... didn't have little boys. When I peeked outside,the below picture is what I saw.
Yes, they had flooded a good chunk of my backyard. For some reason, they will not leave the poor dogs alone. It started out squirting my little min pin, Tucker and ended up this muddy, goopy mess.
I had them both strip down to undies cause they were soaked. I set up a big water snake toy and told them to have fun.
Well, well... After all the water fun they already had Little J didn't want anymore fun. The water snake had little hoses that wiggled around and squirted everywhere even...don-don-don-DON... in your FACE. AHHHHhhhhhhh!
Poor thing. He can't stand water in the face. He refused to let loose and allow himself to go WILD and play, play, play.
T Man tried to console his brother, but to no avail.
T finally gave up and had a BLAST!!!
Something about being in nature and watching children at play is so PERFECT.

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