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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Fun Activities to Get You Out and About

I was reading all my favorite blogs this morning though not nearly done... seems I never have enough time to read everyone's. Sorry guys. I stumbled across a great post with summer time activities over at Roots and Wings Co. Some of the ideas listed below will be from this site while others will be based on what's available in my area. Summer Fun Activities List:
  • kids bowl free: Check out this site to find a list of bowling alleys in your area that allow kids to free games a day through August. You just pay shoe rental.
  • regal's free family fun festival: Check out the site to see if you have a Regal cinema near you. Free movies available during the week for your kids. I know your not suppose to bring in snacks, but I bring a bowl of Mumbo Jumbo (various dry snacks all mix together in a large container) and a bottled water for each kid in my purse. SO it really is FREE. Couldn't be better than that!
  • Barnes and Nobel story times: The local Barnes and Nobel always have weekly story time and craft for the younger kids. The little bit older kiddos can play with the train set or read books while waiting.
  • kid event's: Check out Mr. Johnny's site to find local Austin kid events. Great site!
  • letter boxing: Did you know there are boxes hidden all across the USA waiting to be found. Check out this site to see where boxes have been hidden in your area. This treasure hunt style game is sure to be fun for the whole family.
  • lowes and home depot: Lowes and Home Depot offer craft/building activities once a month for kids. It's free. Check out your local area store to find out dates and times.
  • neighborhood pools: If you pay money to a home owners association, you probably have a neighborhood pool. Pack a sack lunch, tons of drinks, and head on over for a day of "free" fun. You pay for it regardless, so you might as well use to pool, right?.
  • local parks: Again, the perfect place for a picnic, kite flying, ball kicking, frisbee throwing adventure. If there happens to be a playscape, extra bonus. Consider bring Fido for a little exercise as well.
  • strawberry farms: Located in Marble Falls, TX this farms has lots to offer. Currently, you can pick blackberries, eat homemade strawberry popsicles, walk through a 4 acre Texas shaped maze, etc. Fun for the whole family. Opens at 8:30 Monday- Saturday. Sundays it opens at 1pm. You do have to pay for the berries you pick and $6 per person if you want to walk the maze.
  • local children's museum: You can pay for the day or become a member. Museums usually have monthly theme and the lids love the interactive learning.
  • local zoo or animal rescue centers: In my area, you can visit Austin Zoo, San Antonio Zoo, Austin Nature Center, Zilker Botanical Gardens and Crowes Nest Farms. If you know of any others, please let me know and I will post them as well.
  • kids eat free: Check out local restaurants where your kids can eat free. Schedule accordingly for the times you wish to indulge a bit and eat out.
  • Find discounts for local restaurants as well as purchase $25 gift cards fro just $10. Basically you get $15 FREE to spend at your favorite eatery.
Hopefully I will find additional ideas and be able to update throughout the summer.

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