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Saturday, October 16, 2010

$5 Friday: Summer Fun

So... today was the first day I did not work. It was so exciting to stay home with the boys and just love each other. By 5:00 though, I needed to get out.

I ventured to our new Target superstore. I LOVE it, by the way... so clean... so organized... so everything TARGET.

Anyways, I found exactly what we have been needing and yes, it was only $5.

Here's What We Got: 2 water guns ($1 a piece= $2- these held tons of water and spray fairly far away) 1 plastic, chunky car to use in the sandbox ($1) 1 plastic boat with sail ($1.99 to use in the water)
For $5, my boys got an hour of squirting each other with the water guns. I know they will do the same tomorrow....


They will get to use their sand and water table to dig, drive, bury, float, sink etc. They have been dying to go outside and play in it. I think that was the best gift T has ever gotten. He got the sand and water table when he was turning 2 I believe. It sits outside in the Texas sun and is still in great condition after 5 long years of wear and tear.
Daddy got caught in the cross fire.
T Man went a little crazy and wouldn't quit squirting little J in the face.
Of course, JJ got mad and went inside.

Always fun at the Sanders' Casa.

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