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Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Many Books?

I didn't even know having too many books was a possibility... after all, I am a kindergarten teacher.  Too many books is just what we do.  But after reading about decluttering a child's room, I have come to a sound conclusion.  Mr. Payne just might be on to something.

My oldest is reading on grade level, but just.  I have purchased tons of books in hopes of him finding something he will enjoy and actually pick up to read without prompting from me.  So far... no such luck.

I went into his room recently and gathered his books that were on his headboard.  I didn't count, but a conservative guess would be more than 50.  I began sorting through the books to find old favorites and new loves.  I made about 8 different piles.  I gathered a chunk of the books to take to school as they were no longer of interest or provided little challenge.  The other pile I sorted into series or themes and placed on the top shelf in his closet.

Before placing the books in T's closet though, I had T Man select 2 books of choice.  Then, I selected 3 books at the approximate reading level he is currently on.  I also selected 2 chapter books for us to read as a family.  I placed these books back on his shelf and waited to see what would happen.

I won't say he is sitting around reading all day basking in the glow of another tantalizing story.  But I will say that I have caught him (when he didn't know I was looking) flipping through some of the books and studying the illustrations.

I will take that as a great start.

Now, on to Little J's books.  Ahhhh, the simple life.

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