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Friday, October 22, 2010

365 Days to Simplfy

Okay, so I have been thinking lately as I am plugging away through Simplicity Parenting.  It took me 8+ years to clutter my home and many more years to create a hectic lifestyle.  I can't expect change to happen overnight.  Life has a way of happening and decluttering both figuratively and physically take time.

I want to allow myself the time needed to simplify.  I want the process to be rewarding and not a burden or something I just "need" to complete.

Giving myself a full year to try to simplify my family life, home, and work life seems like a reasonable goal.  For most, this would be more than enough time.  For me, this will be an extreme challenge.

I am the epitome of clutter.  I have piles on my piles.  I have a hard time throwing away things for school.  I spend so much time working on things for my classroom that I am afraid if I throw something away I might have to redo all the hard work that has already been done.  Crazy I know, but it's a true fear.  I  think if I decluttered my school papers and "things" my house and family life would automatically simplify a bit.

Another dilemma is a lack of storage space.  We do not have a linen closet or storage in the bathrooms.  I don't even have a dresser.  The lack of storage causes me to put things in nooks and crannies.  Well, obviously this is not the best option.  I just do not know how to solve this problem at the moment.

To keep myself on track, I want to journal about my adventures... both trials and tribulations.  I plan to do this in a variety of ways: one being a physical journal.  Since part of simplification is cutting down screen time, I think this will definitely work in my favor.  Not only will I be cataloguing my journey, but when it comes time to post, I will be able to copy from my journal.  I will only need to proof what I have entered.

So... That is my plan thus far.  I hope to stick to this plan as I feel simplifying is an important step at this point in my life and the lives of my children.  I just hope I prove to have the endurance to cross the finish line.  The rewards will be well worth the wait.

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