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Friday, October 22, 2010

Soul Fever

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with your child and just not been able to put your finger on it?  He could be moody, crying, pitching fits or isolated, quiet, and withdrawn.  All you know it something just isn't right.

Soul fever is just as real as a physical fever.  For your child, it can be completely consuming.  Something is causing undo stress in your little one's life leading to an unleashing of emotions.  Figuring out the stressor is the first step in the right directions.

While thinking about the concept of a child having a soul fever, I began to consider the beginning of each school year.  Every school year for T Man has started off  the same... aggressive behaviors, hiding under desks, crying, etc.  Saying the school year is rocky would be like saying the ocean were a mere puddle.  He is just so sad and disappointed in himself for the choices he makes. 

I have expressed concern that it is something at school causing him undue stress.  T just doesn't act like this on a regular basis at home.  Even being a teacher on the campus, I still get this feeling that they don't quite believe I am being forthcoming with his true behavior while in my care. 

I am in no way saying life at home is all roses and chocolate by any means.  I know my son and he definitely has his moments (as we all do), but I just do not see these behaviors (especially not to the degree they are exhibited at school).

Well, school will begin here in Texas on August 24th.  That is only a couple of weeks from now.  His behavior at home has already begun to change.  It's like he knows school is just around the corner.  I am trying to come up with a plan to lessen the stress and give him some choices as an outlet when the stress is overwhelming.

Outlets to Relieve Stress:
  • worry stone:  Rubbing the smooth stone in a rhythmic manner is calming.
  • meditation jar: I will be writing a post on this as soon as I have made it.
  • yoga ball: Sitting on a yoga ball instead of using a traditional desk.  Hope this will get rid of some of his natural antsyness.
  • hematite stone: Hematite is one of many stones known for its grounding properties.  I am considering twisting wire around the stone and having T wear it as a necklace.  Double benefit... cool jewelry that seconds as a bit of calm in any storm.
  • music:  Food for the soul.  Before I clear his ipod, I want to make sure his teacher is okay with this.  My thought is to load his ipod with songs that lead to peace and solitude.  I have a feng shui CD that is wonderful.  I am thinking about 30 minutes of music to listen to as he works to keep his level of distraction down.
I am sure that I will come up with many more ideas as the school year approaches.  Feel free to share any ideas you might have in the comment section.

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