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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rhythm of Our Home

I am trying desperately to come up with a simple, flowing rhythm to our home.  One that seems natural and not contrived.  So far, here is what I have.

* wake up
* go to bathroom, get dressed, brush hair
* eat breakfast
* brush teeth
* personal time & adult clean up (~1 hour)
* playtime & outdoors (as long as possible)
* lunch
* game
* quiet time (nap, reading, quiet activities alone)
* playtime & mommy time
* clean up & prep dinner
* cook & family activity
* dinner
* baths
* family activity
* reading (~20 minutes)
* brush teeth
* snuggles & talk about daily accomplishments or gratitudes
* lights out

The above will only last until August.  After that, we will all be in school again.  Here is what I am thinking for then.

* wake up 6AM
* bathroom, dress, brush hair (til 6:30)
* breakfast ( til 6:50)
* brush teeth
* get everything needed for the day (til 7:00)
* drop off JJ (by 7:15)
* drop off T Man (by 7:20)
* school (til 4)
* pick up JJ (by 4:15)
* playtime & outdoors (til 5ish)
* dinner (done by 6)
* bath and teeth (by 6:30)
* homework and guitar... place backpack near door (til 7:00) make lunches for the next day
* family time (til 7:45)
*  reading (~20 minutes)
*snuggles & talk about daily accomplishments or gratitudes (lay out clothes and shoes)
* lights out (by 8:15)

Of course, we will fit in guitar practice and the unplanned, but for the normal days this is what I've got.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?

Too detailed?  Too broad?

I am going to work on a daily rhythm for my classroom as well.  I am terrible with this at school and I know in my heart that it essential for 5-6 year olds.  It's weird cause at home I am fairly consistent.  Not sure what the difference is though.

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