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Friday, October 22, 2010

decluttering toys... revisited

We recently took about 7 black yard sacks to goodwill full of items and clothing from both of the boys' bedrooms.  I thought I had simplified enough that messes would become a thing of the past.

Well, boy was I wrong.

Even with very few toys, the messes are endless.

*J really didn't want to give up horsey, but he was not one of the chosen few.*

To help simplify further, we went through all the stuffed animals.  Each boy got to choose a total of 10 lovies.  There were several must keeps: first animal when born, bear with undies for finally potty training, etc.

*T trying to convince me he needed to keep them ALL.*

After all was said and done, we did it.  There were a few tears along the way and quite a few sad good-byes.  but...

All in all it was a success.

*a funny aside: T held up his blue little birdie and tenderly grasped it in his hands.  He began to stroke it oh so lovingly while saying... Bye-bye birdie.  I know you'll find another good home.  I'll miss you.

Then, he handed him to me to place in the sack still tugging on the bird as I am pulling it away... Good-bye... I love you... Good-bye.

How much was real and how much was show you never know with T.  He actually had me completely covering him with the animals before taking the pictures.  He said he was going for a "certain look".

This kid is way to funny.

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