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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lay It On Thick, Baby

Lately, Little J has been soooooo dry. His dead skin is not coming off very well at all. Every lotion I put on him burns like the dickens. Most good lotions have different alphahydroxies in them that in essence burn the skin off. Most people do not feel any different using this lotion, but JJ feels an intense fire from head to toe upon applying. (I have purposely put some of his lotions on open wounds to experience what he experiences. I needed to know if all his screaming and crying was valid. Boy, was it. I had to fight the urge to wash it off. After all, Little J can't.)
Anyways, he needs moisture in a bad way. You would think that water would help in this area, but nope. For some reason, water really dries out his skin. He only bathes a couple of times a week because it can get really bad, really fast.
I have been using all the different lotions that have worked for us in the past and needed to try something new.
I was driving by Bath and Body Works and hit the jackpot. They were having a sale. I basically got $80 worth of lotion for $40... 1/2 off isn't bad. Hopefully, this will last us at least 2 weeks but I doubt it.
The lotion I bought is called Lay It on Thick. This lotion has shea butter in it which is wonderful on the skin. We use shea butter all the time. I even put it on my feet and then wear socks. The effects are amazing. For JJ though, plain shea butter just absorbs too quickly. It needs added ingredients for a little staying power.
This lotion was thick, mildly fragranced (unfortunately) and softening. We applied the lotion from head to toe and the whole family took turns rubbing JJs arms and legs. They were so soft for the first time in days. I must say there was alot of screaming due to the salicylic acid in the product, but that's life for Little J. He has to deal with it or suffer the consequences which are way more severe.
I am very optimistic about this product. So far, I would give it rave reviews. I would not suggest using it on eczema though. I think it would be very irritating due to the fragrance. From my research and friends I know that have eczema, it seems that they need very mild lotions... almost opposite of the lotions we are able to use.
Oh, I almost forgot. I also got JJ some Lay It On Thick Shower Cream. It has the shea butter and is suppose to be just as softening as the lotion. I believe that one when I see it.
If you have skin issues or know someone who does, what are your favorites to use. I would love to know. We are always experimenting with new products and need advice on which to try.

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