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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eco-Friendly Bird Feeders

1.  Collect cardboard from your cereal boxes or other food packaging.  Draw a design onto the cardboard (I traced cookie cutters.) and cut it out.

2.  Once the design is cut out poke a small hole in the top and tread a long piece of yarn through it.

3.  Use crisco to "frost" both sides of your cutout like a cookie.  You want it to be thick, but not goopy.

4.  Pour birdseed onto a plate and press one side of the cutout into the birdseed.  Gently press extra birdseed into the spots that do not seem to have enough coverage.

5.  Repeat with the remaining side of the cutout.

6.  Take your new birdfeeder/s outside to a favorite tree.  Knot the yarn around a branch.

7.  Wait quietly to observe your feathery friends munch on some much needed food this winter season.

Hope you have fun making this fun, eco-friendly craft.

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