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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art Mania in the Sanders' Casa

After going to the movies to see Hotel For Dogs, the boys and I headed to the local craft store for some supplies.

Here is what we bought:
  • chalk pastels
  • 2 8x10 canvases
  • washable tempera paint
  • chunky kid friendly paint brushes
  • 2 planters (kids color and insert a picture)
  • 1 cup (kids color and insert a picture)
  • stepping stone mix stepping stone mold glass gems.

All in all the cost was right around $35-$40. Seems like alot of money for art supplies, I know.

My thought though is simple... I have at least 3 actual projects plus a little extra for just plain fun.

We will be making...

Tuesday: planters or cups
Wednesday: painting a canvas to put in the playroom upstairs
Thursday: making a stepping stone for a future garden we are planning.

This morning we broke out the pastels and the boys had fun drawing pictures and mixing the colors. J had a hard time with getting dirty, but soon learned that getting dirty can be very fun indeed!

T gets a little more frustrated as he has a picture in his mind of what he is creating and expects his art to turn out just so. All in all the boys are enjoying the artful life.

Come on. Get creative. Get moving. And get those kids off the couch.

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