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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring Break Crafty Style

I have been searching the web for ideas and activities to do with my boys over Spring Break. So far, I have come up with the following:

sand art:
1. use glue to draw a design onto construction paper
2. sprinkle with sand over glue
3. allow to dry
4. add detail using crayon, marker or by gluing materials from nature onto your piece of artwork
5. display and enjoy

1. cut a brightly colored piece of poster board into a 6x24 inch strip
2. use hot glue to glue the strip into a circle
3. draw random spring items on colored construction paper (or color pictures on white paper and cut them out)

note: for little guys, i would draw a stencil and allow them to trace it and cut it out. this will work on fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination.

4. glue cut out pictures to the poster board circle
5. use glue to attach 5-7 colored pieces of streamer to the bottom of your windsock
6. add a piece of ribbon or yarn to the top as a "hanger" earth day projects to consider:

Check out some fun projects at Kaboose.

1. egg carton bug mobile

2. tin can herb post

3. milk carton bird feeder

4. scrap cloth pencil holder

Hope you see something that is simple and inviting for your family. I know T will want to make a bird feeder. He always carries around his granddaddy's old bird book and marks off the birds he sees. J will probably choose the egg carton bug mobile. He loves buggies and getting messy.

I'll post the finished projects soon.

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