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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art Mania Update

So we had all these wonderful art projects in the making. I had grandiose ideas to fill our days with fun and family and a bit less tv.

Any mom should know... PLANS ARE MADE TO BE CHANGED (or so it seems.). We did completed the following:
  • planters and mug: I must say my boys did some "QUALITY" work. Even J stayed in the lines to a great degree. We still need to plant the cilantro and chives, but that has been saved for another day.
J's Mug Picture
My Planter Insert
J Showing Off His Art
T was at a friend's house and completed his later.
QUALITY: When someone puts forth their best effort and completes a task. Each person's "quality" looks different... as it should. (This the definition I teach the kindergarten kiddos. We use the word quality throughout every school day.)
  • chalk pastel drawings: The boys used the chalk pastels to color random pictures on white paper. We called it free form art. Let your mind take you where it will and go with it. Anything and everything created will be beautiful because it was made by you. Corny. I know. BUT, when you have a art perfectionist it helps to ease the tears.
The art medium of choice... chalk pastels.
J working on his masterpiece.
The perfectionist in deep concentration.

We still have plans to complete the other projects as well. I think we will try to tackle one every weekend until all is done. The stepping stone is my favorite. The glass stones we chose are very colorful and should add a touch of fun. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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