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Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Summer of Fun

If you are a fan of Pinteret like myself, you have probably pinned tons of ideas on how to keep your kiddos busy in the summer.  I have reviewed all my pins and decided on the best activities for my boys (now 10 AND 6).

45 Ways to Entertain the Kids This Summer:

1. frozen treasure hunt

2. croquet

3. make giant bubbles: other bubble recipes, how to make bubble wands

4. scavenger hunt

5. cake in a cup

6. indoor camp out

7. bathe the dog

8. read a chapter book each night as a family

9. ice cream in a bag

10. backyard camp out

11. water balloon fight

12. take a candle light bathe

13. play cards

14. bowling

15. nerf gun war

16. feed ducks

17 paint pottery
18. make a fort

19. walk dogs

20. flashlight tag in the dark

21. popsicle stick catapult

22. make a magic wand: another Harry Potter inspired wand

23. go out to breakfast in your jammies

24. play board games

25. make hot rocks for the garden

26. kinect dance competition

27. make a frozen treat

28. indoor picnic with a movie

29. ice cream for a meal

30. make mushrooms for the garden fairies: Paint one rock white.  Paint another rock red with white polka dots.  Hot glue the red rock on top of the white rock.  Allow to dry.  Place in garden.

31. mini golf

32. make a fairy house

33. spongeball fight

34. wash the car

35. chalk art on sidewalk: sidewalk chalk paint

36. thumbprint art cards: Fold a piece of construction paper in half.  Use a marker to color
your thumb.  Press to front cover.  Add detail to the thumbprint with a thin black marker or pin.  Write a letter to a friend and mail it.

37. bake cookies

38. photo walk: Take a walk with your camera in tow.  Photograph nature along the way.

39. swim date: Invite a friend to come swimming with you.

40. tic tac toe on the fence with water guns

41. make lotion play dough

42. make homemade bouncy balls

43. make an outdoor tepee

44. make glow in the dark bubbles

45.  play beach volleyball redneck style: Put a clothes line up in the backyard.  Blow up a beach ball.  Play volleyball.

Hope this gives you a jumping off point on creating your own list of Summer Fun Activities.  Check out pinterest for more ideas.

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