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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Natural Health Remedies for Children

I am on a mission to create a family healing basket much like the one mentioned in
Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  While searching the web for ideas and items to include in my basket, I came across some really great home remedies.  Many of the ideas below I have used for years, but I was reminded of them after reading an article from Parents Magazine.

1.  Sore Throats and Cough:  Mix 1 TBS of honey and 1 TBS of lemon.  Microwave for 15 seconds.  Have your child sip the mixture slowly.  Honey has been known to work better to relieve a cough that some OTC medications.  Lemon juice helps to dry congestion.

2.  Tummy Discomfort:  A lukewarm cup of chamomile tea works wonders.  Steep for 5 minutes and allow to cool before serving.

3.  Bug Stings:  Mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste.  In no time the pain and itching or a bug bite or sting will subside.

4.  Nose Bleeds: Cayenne pepper helps to stop a nosebleed.  Pinch your child's nose and have your child lean forward for several minutes.  Place cayenne pepper on a q-tip and apply to the inside of each nostril.  The nose bleed will subside more quickly than it would have previously.

*If your child is prone to nose bleeds as mine is, you can apply bactroban ointment or vaseline into each nostril before bed.  This will help to keep the nose area moist which will naturally cut down on nose bleeds.

5.  Warts:  Duct tape over the wart.  Change tape out as needed.  Check the area in about a month the wart should be gone.  If not, continue as long as needed.

6.  Stress Relief:  Blowing bubbles can be a form of meditation.  Have your child take a deep breath and slowly blow it out.  Allow your child to watch the bubbles dance in the air and slowly descend.  Repeat.  The deep breathing combined with the repetitive motion of blowing the bubbles is bound to relieve a bit of stress and bring a smile to an otherwise cranky kiddos face.

7.  Headaches:  Sewing together a simple cloth bag with a drawstring.  (I would double the fabric.)  Place several ice cubes into the bag and secure around you little ones head with a bandanna.

8.  Minor Aches and Pains:  Create a simple rice pad.  Sew together a square of fabric leaving a small opening on the corner.  Pour uncooked rice into the opening and hand stitch the opening.  Microwave the rice pad for about 20 seconds.  Knead to distribute heat.  Place the rice pad on any area of the body in need of comfort.  Repeat until your child begins to feel relief.

9.  Ear Aches:  Heat water on the stove until very warm, but not boiling.  Pour water into a glass jar.  Secure lid tightly.  Place jar inside your child's pillow case and cover pillow case with a small hand towel.  All ow your child to lay on the warm bottle.  This worked miracles for me as a child.

10.  Congestion:  Mix 1/2 tsp of table salt into 1 cup of  HOT water.  The water should be really hot, but not enough to cause discomfort.  Using an eye dropper, angle the dropper towards your child's sinuses and squeeze.  Do this several times having your child blow his or her nose after each application. 

For adults, I would suggest investing in a Netti Pot.  It is worth the money hands down.

"Another paste to try for severe sinusitis is 1tsp of cinnamon with a drop of water, mix to form paste and apply to sinus areas making sure to avoid eyes. This paste will redden skin and it does tingle but results are amazing for sinusitis."

11. Mild Swelling:  Place cold cucumber slices onto the swollen area.  When the cucumber warms, simply discard and replace with another slice form the fridge.

12.  Diarrhea: "1 to 5 teaspoons of corn starch in half a glass of milk with a touch of vanilla for flavour & 1 tsp of sugar you can take 3 to 5 times per day or take double or triple doses, will stop the runs & will not hurt children can be used without sugar or vanilla.This mixture will not bind you up is over 150 years old. From Grandma Miller 1855."

I hope some of the above ideas will comfort you during cold and flu season.  Also, I will post my healing basket as soon as it is completed.

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