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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts for 2010

I have two goals for the new year:

1. recycle my household trash and take to the recycling center.

2.  reorganize my household to begin more green, simple living.

I think this is a big step to take, but one I find necessary in the search for what I feel is a healthier way to live.  To do this however, I am going to have to make a plan.

My Plan... Rough Draft
  • Set a monthly goal in which to implement.
  • Enlist the family in helping me achieve the goal. 
  • Try not to change anything too quickly or get upset if things do not work as planned.
Month to Month Plan

January... Organize & clean my school stuff out of the garage and house.  Take what I can to school and toss try to toss the rest... I think I just took the deepest breath of my life.  Throwing out stuff I use for school is very difficult, but I need to make it a priority if I want to simplify. 

Buy & label recycling bins.  Print pictures and tape to bins, so we know what goes in each bin.

February...Tackle the family office.  This is also my scrapbooking area.  I will need to purge everything that is not in use at least once a week (unless it is scrapbooking stuff).  I will probably need to buy several bins for the shelves on my scrapbooking table.  Hopefully, I can find some containers in my school stuff or at garage sales.

Organize my book shelve and possibly purchase an additional one from IKEA.

Get rid of anything that does not have a place.  If it is in a box on the floor since we moved in when JJ was an infant, it probably will not be used EVER!

Start recycling our household trash. Take any containers that are full or almost full to the recycling center on Saturdays.

March... Clean out my closet & bedroom. Gather items to be taken to Goodwill and take whatever has been collected on Saturday of that week. I need to be ruthless. I am going to try to part with stuff that I always hope one day to fit into, but haven't in over 5 years. I think it is time. If I actually get skinny, then I will deserve NEW clothes.

Begin the search for a dresser. Once dresser has been found begin to save up for the purchase.

Go to thrift and consignment stores for storage bins to help organize my closet junk necessities for easier access.

Make a planting calendar and plan.  Get the soil ready for planting.

Consider purchasing a rain bucket to collect water for the flower beds and garden. If we decide to purchase, set it up before the month's end. if we wait, it will not get done.

April...  Little J's room... Make sure that the paint is finally finished.  Put up wall stickers if they are not already on the walls. 

Go through all boxes in closet and take all items that cannot be used in the next month's time to Goodwill.
Box up items/toys that are keepsakes and store in the garage with a label on the box.

Go through toy box and shelving and purge toys that are broken, not played with, or make an unnecessary mess.  Donate toys to Goodwill.

Gather containers to sort toys/other items in the shelves.

Consider purchasing JJ a twin sized bed that has built in drawers.  Get rid of dresser regardless of purchase or not.

May...  T Man's room... help T sort and organize all of his clothes.  Donate all clothes that are too small to Goodwill.  Make sure that there are enough hangers to hang all of T Man's shirts in the closet. 
Get a days of the week clothes organizer for both of the boys to hang in their closets.  Have boys begin to use the organizer to lay out all outfits for the week.  Each night shoes should be found and placed in the next day's slot.

I think we will see how it goes up to this point and then I will revise my plan as needed.  I do think this is a great starting point though.  Now, if I can only stick to the plan, I might achieve my goals.

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