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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project Organization Update

Organizing and simplifying sounds easy, right?  I must say... IT IS NOT.  I think I might be a closet hoarder.  Not really, but I just hate to part with certain things even though I cannot find a "home" for that thing.

I think I might have to make a new rule that states...  uh, hummm...  If an object or item does not have a home, the said item must leave my home as well.

There... I said it. 

Does saying it make it true?  Am I now bound by my own revelation that somethings are just meant to GO?

I think to live up the expectations I have set for myself I have to be.

Enough said.  Let's move on.

Completed Projects:
  • Cleaned out the toy box... only the toy box, but I had 4 bags of toys that I took to Goodwill.
  • Cleaned my scrapbooking table and bookcase in the office.
  • Purchased recycle bins, laundry sorter, days of the week clothes sorter for each of the boys' rooms, and a new trash can for my office desk.
Started Projects:
  • I have begun cleaning my office desk.  I am acquiring space in my husband's hanging file drawer for myself.  I am creating a hanging file for each of the main areas that warrant clutter on my desk: kids, magazine clippings, recipe printouts, & school.  I will instantly file papers in the files instead of leaving things on my desk.  I think I will go through one file a week and purge unnecessary items to keep the files from becoming a permanent garbage bin.
  • I have started looking into purchasing seeds.  I need to decide what will be planted and begin working on getting the soil ready in the garden bed.
Projects on the Horizon:
  • my school stuff in the garage and the house... If this can get tackled I will finally feel an accomplishment on the organization & simplification front.
I hope that by watching the transformations I am trying to make in my house you to will be able to conquer a little clutter daily to get the house and home you most desire.

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