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Friday, October 22, 2010

Snack Time Anyone?

First of all, I bought a sewing machine. Yes, I am a big girl now. I own my very own Brother LX- 3125. It is a very basic machine... it sews.  Since I am a self- teaching novice, I thought it was best to go simple.

I could be breaking all the rules and adding new ones in as I go, but if it's in the name of fun... who cares anyways, right? I was thinking about my post from the other day. The one with all the alternatives to using baggies. I thought... "Wow, what a perfect place to start!" "Simple. Fast. Kid friendly. Reusable." "I can do this!" AND... I actually did.

First,, I cut the material to a little more than double the size I wanted. Then, I folded all the edges and pinned them. Next, I stitched all the edges in place. Note: In the above picture, the material is folded over so that I could take a closer shot.

Second, I folded the material to form a pouch. I left room for the flap that would close the bag. I actually folded it like a finished product and lined everything up accordingly. Next, I placed sticky backed velcro onto the actual bag in the locations that I thought would be best. Note: Both pieces of velcro were stuck together. There was a sticky side up and exposed as well. Then, I folded the flap down into position pressing firmly to attach the remaining velcro. Finally, I carefully opened the bag and stitched all the velcro in place.

The only thing left to do was stitch the outside edges closed. So, I carefully stitched along the right and left side of the bag forming the "snack pocket". AND... Ta daaaa... It was complete.

I had T Man try it out. We filled it with dry cereal. He said it worked perfectly. My opinion is that the pouch needs to be just a bit smaller. It was almost a little top heavy. T didn't seem to notice though.

On Another Note: I need to figure out what can be use on the inside to line it. I want a material that can get damp... for fresh fruit and the such. Also, I am concerned that if I put a sandwich in the baggie it would not be as tasty by lunchtime. Don't know really... just thinking that the material maybe be too breathable. Might make the bread not as soft.

We'll try it out and I will let you know.

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