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Friday, October 22, 2010

Simple Cloth Napkins

I have had the material to make cloth napkins since Christmas time.  Since I am home for the summer, I thought I would actually pull out the machine and give it a try. 

Last year, I made two totes bags for my boys, but other than that I have no experience.  My mom helped the first go round.  This time I was on my own.

The results were a bit scary to say the least.

Below you will see the underside of the cloth napkin I was sewing.  Just look at that horrible mess.  It only took me until I had completed the entire napkin to realize that the pressure foot was up the entire time.

No wonder my machine was jumping around like we were having a massive earthquake.  I could hardly hold on to the thing.

Half way through this first napkin the bobbin thread slipped and I had to pull it back up through the machine.  For one, I didn't think to turn the machine off.  Secondly, I had my foot on the pedal.  And finally, I only had a vague memory of how to go about the task at hand. 

Let's just say...
I now know how to re-thread both the upper and lower sections of the machine and how to remove & attach a brand spanking new needle. 

That's right my friends... I broke the needle when I pressed down on the pedal at the exact moment my scissors were under the pressure foot trying to see if the lower thread was actually pulled through.  Ahhhhhh!!!

But all is well.  I finished my first napkin.  Little J was elated with the results.  He didn't care if the lines were crooked or the fact that there was so much thread on the back of his napkin I could have probably sewed him a new outfit.  Nope, he just wanted to be able to use.

And use it he shall. 

Though, he can use it as a napkin and a place mat for sure... he might even be able to use it as a blanket for one of his extra large stuffed babies too.

Look at this.  Try number two. 
Machine has a new needle. 
The bobbin has been re-threaded and the pressure foot is locked in the down position. 
The machine is humming quietly as my foot slowly presses down on the pedal. 
Lines are a bit straighter. 
Stitches a bit tighter. 
Stress level almost gone.  I did say almost.

Again, for some reason, I made the napkin entirely too big. 

What can you do? 
Maybe use an actual pattern of some sort.  Even trace a napkin from the kitchen drawer? 

Well, there is always next time.  I have 4 more to go.  That could end up to be 8 if I cut them correctly this time. 

More sewing adventures to come.

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