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Friday, October 22, 2010

Simple Birthdays for Simple Families

My four year old has a birthday coming up in November.  With money being tight these days, I am planning ahead for all his gifts.  We usually each get him something for a total of three gifts.  Of course, if the gifts are tiny, I will get an extra.  But... that really is about it.

I have some ideas I would like to share:
I am leaning toward the homemade bean bags, felted gnomes, modeling beeswax, and play cloths. 

What do you think about these ideas? 

How do you decide on what to get your children as gifts? 

How do you keep from getting an overload of junk on birthdays and other holidays without offending the gift giver?

These questions really are important to consider when you want to keep life simple, creative, and fun.  Now, on to some crafting.

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