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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love and Logic

I went to a FANTASTIC seminar today for discipline.  It was given by the funniest 76 year-old-man I have ever met. 

The seminar was told in a story format and engaged you in real life situations.  During his storytelling, I caught myself nodding my head in agreement more than once.

He gave simple one liners to use with children over and over again to stop the arguing for good. 

I highly recommend anyone with children or grandchildren to head over to the Love and Logic site to find out more tips from a man that has definitely "been there and done that".

You can request a catalogue to be shipped to your house.  There are several books/CDs that are geared toward a specific parenting issue... such as doing chores.  Most of the books are also available on CDs which makes for easy listening during a daily commute to and from work.

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