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Sunday, October 10, 2010

kim's game

Kim Game is a game I have seen at many a baby shower as well as recently read about in Teaching Children to Meditate. Meditation is beneficial to children and adults for many reasons:
  • improves concentration
  • increases memory
  • increases the ability to handle stress
  • heightens creativity
  • & instills a calmness.
I am going to start introducing yoga and meditation to T Man to hopefully help give him the tools needed to handle stressful situations at school and to get a grip on his anger.
How to Play Kim's Game:
  1. Place several small objects on a tray. Try to make the items as varied as possible. For example, knife, fork, spoon, nuts, bolts, screws, string, button, ribbon. Place a small towel over the items to cover them. 
  2. Then, uncover the items for about 1 minute allowing the children to look the tray over while trying to remember what the tray contains. 
  3. Cover the tray again and have the children orally tell you what was on the tray or write the items down on a slip of paper. Tell each child how many items he/she remembered. 
  4. Uncover the tray again and repeat.  
Question the children about the game. Did you do better the first or second time? Why? What could you do to help you remember more of the items? What kind of strategy did you use in order to try to remember as many items as possible?

Repeat this game every day for about a week or until your child is no longer interested.

Kim's Game will help increase memory and guide children to strategies that aid in remembering.

As I learn more about meditating with children and gain insight through trying to learn the practice as a teach it to my son, I will keep you posted. I am hopeful that meditation will bring an element of peace to my family and bring us even closer together.

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