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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Gift Giving Sites

stainless steel straws: Reusables straws are a perfect gift for any family with young children.

carissa black: Looking for a new wallet or bag in vintage style.  Look no longer.

kristin's custom creations: hand stamped jewelry at is finest.  Love the stamped name necklace.

bella bejeweled: Know any Twilight fans?  Ll the jewelry from this seller is inspired by the ones we love:  The Cullens.  Very vintage, very chic, very TWLIGHT.

scribeofclio: For the Love of All Things Beaded

patty pan shop: purses, lunch bags, snack bags, more... Set up your lunch in style.

erin elise: vintage purses and aprons... very cool.

waste not saks: reusable lunch baggies and more

southern tradition: purses, scrabble tile necklaces, and reusable sandwich and snack baggies

love for earth: everything green... produce bags, cloth napkins, dog treat bags, reusable gift bags, etc.

goth chics: jewelry and purses

how about orange: bags, mouse pads, note cards, storage buckets, book covers, etc.

bcharmers: bags, wallets, belts, headbands, scarves, etc.

giggles and grins: tons and tons of pendant necklaces ... most between $5- $10

hope studios: word plaques and picture frames

i design my world: zooples, fun and super cute animal babies, alphabet card sets, prints, coasters, etc.... perfect for little ones and kindergartners

madison reece designs: beautiful pendants and metal jewelry as well as a few items for your home... I have personally purchased 3 pendants from this seller and they were beautiful, sturdy, , hand made items.  Every time I wear one in public I get complimented and usually asked where to buy one.

shimistore: organic cotton t-shirts for mom and kids

inky spider: organic cotton t-shirts for the family

b hive designs: organic cotton t-shirts for women

bella button designs: hand stamped jewelry with mom in mind... huge selection

forever and a day: mary jane crocheted skimmers... great for grandma, mom, teens and tweens

momagenda: organized day planner with a place to organize yourself and up to four kids... plus dinner

I will post additional sites as I come across them.  I think all but one of the sites I posted today were from ETSY.  You should join up and keep track of some of your favorite sites.  You'd love it.


doodle bread: This sounds like so much fun.  With your order, you get the mix, a silicon baking pan and a shape insert with the mix for the filling.  Basically when you bake your bread, you end up with a loaf of bread with a star shape down the center.  The artist/chef is always experimenting to come up with new ideas to color the bread naturally (for the center) and different shape molds for the center design.  I think this would be fun for both kids and adults alike.

denham's natural skin care: This site has a variety of heavy duty natural lotions and creams.  You can order them scented (with essential oil or fragrance) or unscented.  You can also buy regular sized amounts similar to what you would buy in a store or by the gallon or five gallon tub.  I buy the silk and shea cream for Little J to help relieve his ichthyosis and works great.  This company does not claim to be organic, but when you search the list of ingredients for most products they sure are pretty close.  Oh, I love the solid perfumes.  Youc an by sample sizes of most products, so try it out.  You're gonna LOVE IT!!!

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