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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gifts With a Education Edge

Most of the items below have an educational value to them.  I have added in a few that do not just for fun.

IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit: allows your child to write and illustrate a story and then send it off to get bound like a real book... $20

My First Science Kit: learn to make crystals in brilliant colors, explore color by mixing primary colors to discover how to make secondary colors, create a rainbow in a test tube... $20

Blokus: exert from Blokus encourages creative thinking and has received a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity. The goal of this game is for players to fit all of their pieces onto the board. When placing a piece it may not lie adjacent to the player's other pieces, but must be placed touching at least one corner of their pieces already on the board. The player who gets rid of all of their tiles first is the winner and strategic thinking helps as you block moves from your opponent. Blokus sometimes comes to an end because there are no more possible moves... $20

Zingo: exert from educationaltoysplanet... Z-I-N-G-O zingo is its name-o! ThinkFun’s Zingo puts a whole new twist on the classic game of Bingo. This learning game is great for an afternoon of family fun for everyone. Instead of letters and numbers, this picture lotto game features images and matching words that enhance memory and reading skills. Pull the “Zinger” forward to reveal two surprise tiles, then be the first player to match those tiles to the pictures on your Zingo lotto card. When you fill up your card, don’t forget to yell ZINGO for the win! ($20)

Tri-Words: exert from educationaltoysplanet... Try out this fast paced, high pressure game and triple your learning fun! Tri-Words, by Educational Insights, puts a new twist on the classic word scrambling game. Educational Toys Planet offers this 1 to 6 person word game as a great classroom activity or the perfect solution to a boring afternoon at home. Each player simply grabs 5-8 Tri-Tiles featuring color coded letters on all three sides. Roll the Tri-Die to find out how many words you can make with your letter collection – and which color combinations will get you the most points! Race your opponents by spelling out the best word combos. Tri-Words learning game enhances problem solving, verbal development and communication skills in children of all ages. Enjoy the tri-fun experience – race, play, learn! ($14)

fairy triad dome terrarium: a fun terrarium for all your special little girls... learn some amazing fairy lore, decorate your terrarium, and plant vegetation to attract fairies to your gardens...$24

carnivorous creations dome: grow a variety of plants that actually eat bugs... must be patient though... you start the plant out as a seed... $24

culinary herb garden terrarium: grow your own herbs in just weeks... actually use the herbs to help mom cook... $25

pyramid: This pyramid is like the big boys version of little people.  It is a bit pricey, but might be worth the $105 because it allows children to use their imagination as they find trapped doors and passage inside the pyramid.  Comes with several action figures as well.

Rubik 360:  Try to get balls from an inter sphere, through a middle sphere, and into coordinated color holes in the outer sphere.  Destined to live the same future as it's predecessor.  $17

boggle reinvention: A new twist on the older version, Boggle Junior.  No more loose letter dice. $13

ruffle rug: Use t- shirt strips to stitch through the weaved mat.  Ages 7+ $33

eyeclops night vision goggles: These night vision goggles should be ready for this holiday season.  You can see 50 feet away in the dark... guess that would be why it is called "night" goggles. $60

razor rip rider 360 trike:  Holds up to 60 pounds.  Good for ages 5+.  Can get some major spin with the 360 degree swivel back wheels. $90

hyperblast:  Kids stomp on the device and send numbered balls flying everywhere.  The game will speak a command and the children will have to retrieve the correct balls as quickly as possible.  What a fantastic idea... learning and movement combined with fun!!  You can choose the difficulty level of your choice.  Ages 6+.  $30

fiery legend lego playset: Build a dragon out of legos.  Can rebuild into an ogre and chinese dragon as well. $40

chalk-n-doodle: Lap style chalk board and drawing tablet in one.  I looked at a table displaying the average use of this product and it had a high usage for girls and boys at the age of 4.  The usage decrease at the age of 5.  Just thought you might want to know. $17

little-windows: Sterling silver and resign jewelry you can make with a kit or have the company create for you.  You can use any photo, design, etc that you have.  There are other products as well.  It looks like about $20 could make a necklace.  Check it out.  It would make cool mom or grandma gifts as well as a gift for a little girl.

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