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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Got Stuck on Glue... Literally

I wore a pair of black pants to work today and sat on a child's project.  I didn't even notice until one of the kids was giggling.  He couldn't take it any longer and said... Mrs. Sanders, you have work on your hiney. 

At first, I thought he said I needed to work on my hiney and I was a bit insulted.  I was relived to find it was only paper stuck to my butt, but very disappointed to find I have tons of glue stains on my pants now. 

Uhhhh!!!  I might have preferred the work on my hiney comment... at least it would have been something I already knew.

Anyways, it took alot of searching to find a solution.  Below is copied from the Elmer's Glue site.  I'm gonna try it out and I will let you know how it works. 

Cross your fingers and send well wishes my way.  I just got these super comfy pants.  I want to wear them in public again in my future.

How can I remove School Glue or Glue-All?

When concentrated in small areas, a clean cloth should be soaked in warm water and applied to the glue stain. Check the stain for softening after a couple hours. The softened glue should then be able to be wiped clean with a clean dry cloth. Repeat this procedure until all the glue has been removed.


When dry, do not use hot water, dry cleaning solvents, a hot drum dryer or iron before the removal of the adhesive is complete, as they can fuse the adhesive film irreversibly, making removal impossible. Soaking in room temperature water for 24 hours or longer will help to redisperse or soften the film. After soaking, wash the fabric in a normal wash cycle and allow it to dry at room temperature. Check for discoloration and stiffness on drying. If so, repeat the process until the item is cleaned to your satisfaction.

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