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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Game Night: Natural Learning

Over the winter break tons of natural learning have been occurring throughout the day.  Much of this learning is from card games and board games that we use during family game night. 

Family Game Night began in our house a little over a month ago as a way to bring the family together at least once a week to do something fun.  My hopes was that it would help to curb some of the issues that T Man has during the day at school.  We just don't see the same issues here at home.

My thoughts were two-fold really... by bonding more closely as a family & practicing team work and cooperatively play during game night... T Man would begin to exhibit some of these same life skills during the day at school.  I am not really sure how this has effected school, but I have noticed that the boys are playing without as much arguing and seem to be getting along a little better.  4 years apart doesn't seem like much but it does make a difference in what each of them is capable to do ability wise.

Besides the social learning that has occurred, I have noticed an increase in JJs academic abilities as well.  I really hadn't put much thought into the value of these games beyond what my focused had been.  Now, I see a whole new reason for continuing this Family Game Night tradition.

Learning Through Games:
  • Uno: number recognition, color recognition, patience, observation skills (watching for the other players to have one card in their hand, etc.), etc.
  • Skip Bo: number recognition, number sequencing, patience, observation skills, deductive reasoning, etc.
  • Go Fish: number recognition, name of numerals, memory (remembering the cards in the other players' hands), etc.
  • Pentago: observation skills, deductive reasoning, problem solving, counting to 5, etc.
  • Battle Ship: locating coordinates, letter recognition, letter name recognition, number recognition, name of numerals, observation skills, deductive reasoning, problem solving, etc.
  • Connect 4: observations skills, deductive reasoning, problem solving, counting to 4, etc.
  • Trouble: deductive reasoning, problem solving, number recognition, name of numerals, counting, strategy, etc.
There is much more learning going on naturally during each of these games than listed.  I just thought I would share some of the more obvious.  I cannot stress how much having a simple Family Game Night has benefited not only the boys but the family as a whole.  I can see the interactions between all of us are more positive and upbeat.  Everyone has a bit more tolerance and patience than before.  I think this is a tradition we will keep for as long at it can last.

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