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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

7 Ways to get Some Quality Time WIth the Kiddos

  1. Take a Walk:  The other day the boys and I pulled out the picnic basket and gathered bread, popcorn, and a drink before heading out the door.  We took about a 20 minute walk to the duck pond by Blackland Prairie.  Once there... they had a blast feeding the ducks and quacking at them.  They love that some of the ducks have a "silly hat" on their head.  I had never seen ducks with the tuff of feathers on top before.  On the way back, we gathered things from nature: feathers, red leaves, sticks, acorns, etc.  We brought these home and taped some of them into a nature journal we keep and the rest went on our nature table.  I'll post again soon about both (the table and the journal).
  2. Put on Some Music:  Create a playlist of songs that can really get you moving.  Turn the music up loud and just let loose.  The siller the dance the better your kids will love it!  This is coming form someone who never dances.  I only dance with kids.  They seem to think I have some really cool moves.
  3. Read a Book:  Sit down every night and read a chapter from a favorite book as a family.  This includes dad.  Having the family together for this few minutes and discussing the story or drawing a picture of your favorite part shows children the importance of reading.
  4. Go to the Park: Go to the park and actually play with your children.  Get up and go down the slide or swing on the swing.  Your children will think this is great and you will get a bit of exercise to boot!
  5. Wash the Car:  Children love the water.  Washing the car together is so much fun... all the bubbles and soap.  No need to be careful.  It doesn't hurt that one more chore can get crossed off your To Do List.
  6. Family Game Night: Have 2-3 stand by games that everyone knows how to play.  We have very simple ones because our kids are almost 4 years apart: Old Maid, UNO, Pass the Pigs.  Whenever I notices the anxiety level in the house going up, it's time for some family fun.  I would have to say that Pass the Pig is the absolute favorite.
  7. Get Cooking:  When all else fails, I take the boys to the kitchen.  Cooking anything from eggs to pizza to cookies will get a kid excited.  Plus, they will be learning at the same time.
If you have any additional ideas, please let me know.  I will add them to the list.  The more ideas we can pull out of our hat at a moments notice the better equiped we are as parents.

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