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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

About a month or so ago, Little J and I decided to go on adventure.  He wanted to use his Nature Bag, so we went off in search of the perfect place to explore.

Since we live in a suburb finding foresty areas is a bit of a stretch.  We decided to venture to the duck pond and explore the small wooded area nearby.

This proved to be a wise choice full of woodsy fun.

JJ lead us into the woods near the pond.  He was fascinated to see the duckies swimming through the trees. As he lead me further into the wooded area, he kept turning back to make sure I was still coming.  I think he was afraid I'd chicken out and leave him there alone.

As we traveled among the bramble, my little sweetheart would take the time to pull branches back and make sure that I was able to maneuvered among the mayhem.

One thing that really disturbed J was all the litter.  He just couldn't fathom why another child would hang out in the woods and not take their trash with him.  He was very concerned that the duckies would eat the litter and get sick or die.

Before leaving the woods, we stopped to take a picture together amongst all of nature's glory.

Here is my king of the mountain as we slowly trek back to the car and civilization.  It is amazing how such a small wooded area can really give you some distance from all the business of a suburb.

J decide he needed to take a few picture before we returned home.  I think he did pretty good for a first try.

On our walk back to the car the sun was just right to view our shadows in all their splendor.  We discussed why the shadows were going in the direction they were, how the shadows were made, and why shadows sometime look soooo long.  Perfect natural learning.

This is apart of the Nature Bag kit.  It is a small square.  You lay it over the ground or some other area you want to observe.  It gives you a smaller area of focus in hopes of training the eye to truly look at all the world has to offer... to see in more detail and to love all the earth has to offer.

What adventures do you and your kidlets take? 

What kind of nature activities could your kids do almost daily if you let them?

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