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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Foods from Your Own Backyard

I am loving the return of spring.  With the warmer weather on the way, planning has begun for this years garden.
The better part of a week was dedicated to creating a wonderful Texas size garden space in my backyard.  My husband did the fence construction and tilling.  I worked on adding the peat moss and raking the rows.  The boys helped me plant... well, sort of.

fence complete

So far, we have a 12 X 23 foot garden completely fenced in with gated entrance. We have already planted bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, and tons of herbs.  I can't wait for our seeds to arrive from Burpees.  If we are able to keep the grackles out of the garden this year, we shouldn't have to purchase veggies for a long time.

tilled and raked

Such a large garden will benefit our family in many ways.  Not only will it provide the most natural, fresh veggies for my family, but it will draw us together as well.  We will spend a few minutes each evening watering, weeding, and picking whatever delectable tidbit is ready for our table.  We will be spending time out in nature using  hard work to provide for the family.  Something in this process is very satisfying.

plants in the ground... waiting for the arrival of the seeds

Not everyone is ready to take on such a large endeavor.  If you would like to garden and don't know where to start, here are some basic tips:
  • Think small.  Begin with a small raised bed... about  4 foot square.
  • Turn the soil and add compost or bagged fresh soil.  Fertilize the soil before planting.
  • Plant only 2-3 different plants.  Beans, tomatoes and strawberries are some basics that are fairly easy to grow.
  • Check your garden daily for weeds, pests and fresh gardeny goodnesss.  Water as needed to keep the soil moist.
I am not a garden expert by any means.  I am actually known among family and friends for not having a green thumb, but the above process worked for me the last two years.  I can't wait to see all the natural goodness growing in my own backyard again this year.

How do you provide natural homemade foods for your family?

Got any garden tips to share?

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