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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Story Sack

A Story Sack is a wonderful way to get your family involved in creative story telling.  All you need are a few materials and alot of imagination.

Here are some items to consider:
  • a small sack, bag, or bucket in which to store your items
  • small toys or house hold items
  • nature items such as rocks, pinecones, sticks, etc.
  • seasonal items such as handcut snowflake, icicle ornament left over from your tree decorations, jingle bells, etc.
  • bits of string, strips of material
  • sewing odds and ends (buttons, lace, etc.)
  • the choices are endless. 
How to Use the Materials in Story Telling:
  • Decide if each person will choose an item or if one item will be chosen.
  • Have the oldest person begin the story weaving the use of his/her item amongst the details.
*If using one item, pass the item along to each individual as new people add to the story.  If using more than one item, each person should add his/her item into the story as the story is continued.

The above description is only one way to use a Story Sack.  You should create your own family traditions all the way.

**Idea courtesy of earth family.**

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