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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simple Gifts for the Holiday

My  boys do not play with many mainstream toys.  Even before embarking on my simplification journey, the boys knew what they liked.

When T Man was really little I was enamored with the Little People toys... the farm house, airport, etc.  I think he had almost all that was on the market at the time.  Every occasion would send me out in search of a new design.

Now, don't get me wrong.  He did play with them, but the time was short before his attention would wane and he would search for something else.

Blocks, legos, and tinker toys have been the main stay at out house.  Anything that gets my boys building is a hit.  Lately, both of them have been into playing games... both old school and new.  Something as simple as rock/ paper/ scissors can give them an hour of entertainment.  Uno... let's just say the whole evening must be dedicated.

With this being said, I decided to go old school this year.  Money is T-IGH-T, so I had to also go for items that have the most bang for the buck.

Here is the list:

Channel Craft Marbles With Canvas Pouch Game

This marble and pouch set also contains a book on the history of the game as well as several different ways to play. 


The little wooden case these jacks come in is fantastic.  This set reminded me of the past and hours of fun spent with friends.

Melissa & Doug Pick-Up Sticks

I love the fact that these wooden pick up sticks come in such natural hues.  Have this natural element made these a first choice in pick up sticks.
Blocks & Marbles Super Set

This is the largest wooden build your own marble run set I have found.  The price is about half as much as some of the other sets and it has gotten very good reviews as well.

Channel Craft Hardwood Tops With Canvas Pouch Game
The spinning top above is wooden and comes with a nice history booklet full of various tricks to keep kids entertained for hours at a time. 

Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts
This isn't the exact dart board that I got the boys, but it is very similar.  My boys love throwing things, so I thought I would give them a constructive way to take care of that boyish erg.

Pretty much that is it.  I do have a few odds and end for stocking stuffers, but other than that it is a done deal.  I hope they enjoy playing with these traditional toys as much as children have in the past.

*Little J (4 years-old): spinning top, pick up sticks, marble run, tangle free parachute,

*T Man (8 years-old): dart board, jacks, marbles, What's Happening to Me?: Boy Edition, The Boy's Body Book, tangle free parachute

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