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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Make a Recycled Lantern

For the Autumn Equinox this year, we made a recycled lantern.  We talked about this being one of only two days during the year where the balance of light and dark are equal.

Make a lantern is super simple.  i use this same method to make vases for Mother's Day with my kindergarten kiddos.  Frappuccino jars are perfect as a vase.

Anyways, here are the directions if you would like to make a lantern for your family as well.  If I had thought to add a wire handle, we could of used the lantern on Halloween to light the way.  How much fun would that have been?!

1.  Tear tissue paper.  I like to select about 3 colors.  For this project, I just took recycled tissue paper from our gift bag collection.  The colors were not what I would have chosen, but not buying new paper made this project FREE.

In the above picture T Man is tearing the paper WAY TOO BIG.  You need fairly small pieces to get a more mosaic look.

These pieces are optimal.  Some are rather small, some long and slender and yet others more square like.  This makes for an interesting desire on the lantern.

2.  Mix equal parts of elmer glue and water.  I mix the two together with my fingers until the consistency is even.

3.  Place the glue and jar on a safe surface.  Make sure the torn tissue paper is close at hand. 

4.  Begin by rubbing the glue mixture on a small section of the jar.  Apply tissue paper over the glue allowing the tissue to overlap.  (Sorry I did not get a picture of this step.  My boys were getting glue everywhere.  Next time I plan to place a sheet on the floor before we begin.)

Continue applying glue to small areas and laying on tissue paper until you get the desired look.  If any of the tissue seems to be too thick of wrinkled just add more glue and flatten it out.

5.  Once your lantern is just like you would like it apply a finally layer of glue over the entire covered surface.  This will ensure that the tissue paper does not come off.

I placed a tea light candle in the lantern and left it on the front porch. 

If you want to carry the lantern, place sticky tack on the bottom inside of the jar and press the tea light in place.  Wiggle the jar around before lighting the candle to ensure that it is secure.

To make a handle, cut a length of sturdy wire about 2 1/2 times the circumference of the lip of the jar.  Wrap and twist the wire into place.

Now, cut a piece of wire the about 12 inches in length.  Tread under the wire that is already attached to the jar.  Pull about 2 inches of the wire out and up, so you can twist the wire back onto itself like you would a bread tie.  Do this on both sides.

I always swing the jar from side to side and wiggle it really well before placing the candle in position.  Nothing turns a smile upside down like shattering the creation you just completed.

These would look beautiful on the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  They would also make a wonderful gift for guest to take home as well.

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