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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Ways to Go Green for Thanksgiving

Getting ready to pack that suitcase and head out for Thanksgiving?  Be sure to green your home before you go and save a bit of energy along the way.

1.  Pack a reusable bag for all your dirty clothes.  Also, keep a couple extra bags for any additional goodies you might be bringing home.

2.  Remember those goodies I just mentioned?  To avoid throw away containers, bring along a few of your favorites from home.  This will let you get your treats and be earth friendly too.

3.  Unplug all electrical appliances that are not in use.  Energy is still drawn from an item that is plugged into the outlet.

4.  Run your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter to distribute the heat better.  This allows you to keep the furnace turned down a notch.

5.  Turn your thermostat to a temperature that will more than likely not activate it.  No need to heat or cool a home when it is not in use.

By implementing just a couple of the steps above you are saving energy in your home and helping the environment at the same time.  You'll be able to head out to your Thanksgiving gathering knowing you have helped in some small way.

Give thanks for the world we live in and take care.

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