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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

Today the boys went in the backyard and searched for leaves. The had alot of fun finding the leaves,taping them into their new journals and then writing about their hunt.
photo from flicker
We only created our Nature Journals today, but the boys are constantly asking to write in them. So far, I have said no because Iwant these journals to be special and really focus on nature and the outdoors. We have so many journals that I feel that they can use one of the other ones for "playing". We'll see how long I can outlast them. Hopefully, I do not have to post next week about my downfall as a mom as I once again give in to a cute smile and tight hug.

A wonderful book connection would be, We're Going On a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzer.  This title is in the same format as We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

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