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Friday, October 22, 2010

Simplicity Parenting

If there was a way to simplify parenting, wouldn't you want someone to lend you their magic wand so you too could live the simple life?

I know I would.  I have been trying to simplify since January.  I had a schedule and everything.

Did it work?  Not really.  I have too much school stuff at home and not alot of storage.  Excuses... I know.  A bunch of excuses.

Well, I have finally come across a group of like minded parents that want the same thing.  We all want a to simplify, get back to nature, unplug a bit more, and spend more "quality time" with our families. 

Not just time... true quality time.  We want as much time to be in the moment as possible.  We want to get back to basics and allow our children the advantages we had as children.... 

Free time to explore, create, and wonder.

In this day and time, many people are "plugged in" more hours of the day than not.  How often have you, yourself ,been walking through the grocery store and not even spoken to your children because you are on the phone?  Guilty.  Or  How many of you have gone on a trip and had your children watching DVDs while the older kids are playing DS? 

Not long ago, the car ride was one of the best parts of taking a trip.  There was tons of things to do: trying to find words that begin with certain letters of the alphabet, looking at license plates to see who can find the largest number, singing favorite songs with the radio blasting, etc.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the norm.

If you are interested in Simplicity Parenting, please check out the Simplicity Parenting Blog.  You will be able to find lots of good information, as well as, have the opportunity to join The Circle, a forum for parents to share ideas and have discussions.

I am hoping that now that I have found a place of encouragement that I will begin to live the life my children deserve.  A life were we are in the moment every day.  A life were even the simplest of things matter.  I life with less clutter and more time for the things that are most important...

Our Family.

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