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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
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March and April are the perfect time of year to begin planting a small garden with your child. Consider using a window planter if your space is limited.

Before beginning, read the book Seeds, Seeds, Seeds. In this book, Buddy receives a package from Gramps that has a weeks worth of fun activities all relating to seed exploration. Each day Buddy pulls out a small bag and opens it to find an exciting new project for the day.

To really bring this book alive, have an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc send your child a weeks worth of seed activities. You could have the book included in the package or read the book prior to the arrival of the package.

(Reading the book prior to the arrival of the package will build your child's schema or background knowledge for the activities. They will more than likely relate back to the book and can use the book as a resource when completing the activities.)

After completing all the activities, draw a picture or allow your child to dictate favorite activities or memories revolving around all the fun you both have shared. You may even want to send a similar package to a good friend or niece/nephew. Have your child help to select the activities and put the package together.
Have fun exploring and learning about seeds with Buddy.

*Check out other titles by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace at your local library. All of her books are fantastic!*

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