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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recycling 101

Tips for Beginners

1. Call or stop by the local recycling center. Inquire about what kind of items they will recycle. If you are wanting to recycle additional items, ask if there is another venue near by that will except the items.

Find out the days and hours of operation for the center and if there are any particular ways the items need to be cleaned or packaged (ex: will the bag you bring the items to the center in be left at the center or can you discard the items at the center and return home with your bags).

If there is curbside recycling, decide if you would like to pay the money for the service. Also, inquire about which items are able to be left for curbside recycling. If you will still need to take a trip to the recycle center, curbside service is probably not a benefit.

2. Mark your calendar. Add the days that curbside service is available throughout the week. OR Add the days that you will travel to the center. (ex: I am planning on going to the recycling center on Saturdays before my weekly shopping trip.)

3. Buy and label your recycle bins. Google images and adhere photographs to each container with the various kind of items that will be deposited into that particular container. This will assist even the youngest recyclers when it comes time to dispose of household items and trash.

Recycle Bin Must Haves...
  • durable enough to last a long time
  • fits in the space you have available
  • can be easily cleaned
  • & is small enough that you are able to lift it when the container if filled.

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